“If you’re looking to hire the sales pro who can land your big deals, this book is the job description.”

- Walt Parmer, megadealer in the oil and gas industry

“The Megadeals book is a masterpiece – both conceptual and practical, in how it helps company leaders, sales executives, and business development experts raise the probability for winning big deals that are the life blood of B2B revenue growth. Authors Christopher Engman and Johan Aberg provide specific guidance and prescriptions for B2B deal success – as well as vivid real-world examples – on how to truly integrate sales and marketing for high ROI on achieving positive sales results in the biggest sales opportunities.

From our experience with 225+ tech clients in our Chasm Institute work over the past 15 years, I can confirm that integrating sales AND marketing is a challenge that takes executive effort and true organizational change.

It’s easy to say and hard to do. This book is a key input for achieving such a transformational outcome, and will be viewed as one of the seminal B2B business books of the next decade.”

- Michael Eckhardt, Managing Director

CHASM INSTITUTE, Silicon Valley Office


$1 750

  • SEK: 17,000 kr


Apply the Megadeals framework to your current deals in real-time in this 2-day workshop

In the 2-day workshop, you will apply the Megadeals framework to your current deals in real-time.

  • Storytelling from our own megadeals experience to inspire.
  • Teach the megadeals discipline.
  • Apply what we teach on your real-life customer cases – this drives adoption.
The aim is that you are “drilled” in the Megadeals discipline and can take with you practical tools and hacks to use on the job.

Where: Grand Hotel, Stockholm
Who: Sales, marketing, and CEO professionals in B2B companies that do or strive to do complex deals
Start: 9.00 (8.30 breakfast is served)
End: 17.00 latest
Includes: Breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks
Language: English