Do you face challenges in closing large complex accounts?


How do you influence the key stakeholders when you can't meet them all face to face?


Do you struggle to get your sales and marketing teams to work tightly aligned to drive more powerful sales and marketing activities?

To succed and grow, most enterprise B2B companies must learn how to win megadeals. Yet within Fortune 500 companies, only a few know how megadeals are made. The Megadeals book and Megadeals workshop aspire to fill that gap.


2 day workshop where learnings are applied real time on your current big deals

2-day workshop where learnings are applied real time on your current big deals
Our passion is to help connect and develop people and companies that contribute to the greater good of the world and to become world class at what they do. Megadeals are your handful of existing accounts that represent 80%+ of your business and by far your hottest top prospects.

1. How do you manage these "beasts"?
2. How do you retain them from your competition?
3. How do you sign/acquire the hottest prospects that everyone wants?
4. Do you have enough sales professionals in your organization that has mastered this art?

Our programs help train and develop already experienced business professionals to sign and manage your largest prospects and accounts so-called Megadeals. We offer a set of services and products from seminars, 2-day skill development workshops coaching programs, "train the trainer" and digital skill development products. Our methodology is based on proven blended learning approach to ensure the skills are adopted and has a direct impact on your most important and profitable business. Our customers are top 1000 Companies and mid-sized scale-ups.

The Megadeals book and discipline is based on studying the best practices of over 100 fortune 500 companies and deep dive interviews with over 60 Megadealers ( the best in doing large complex deals) in companies like SAP, Oracle, IBM, Cisco, Infor, and many more. Together with our joint years of experience in doing large complex deals.


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Outline of the Workshop & the Basic principles in the MegaDeals discipline

Key initiatives - Is the service/product directly linked to one of the buyers "key strategic initiatives”? Usually there is a correlation: the higher the sum the more complex the business case, hence this is game-changing for a MegaDeals.

Ecosystem - Apart from the seller and the buyers organization there are other parts that influence a mega deal such as ”third parties” external of respective key organization. “Third parties” can be distributors, authorities etc. that have an effect on the deal.

Consensus - Complex deals require”consensus” in multiple functions and with numerous of people in the organization. This is key with both the buying and selling part. If consensus is not driven and not enough people affected there is a risk that the deal will not happen.

Risk mitigation - Most sales are done towards the upsides (revenue, profit, ROI upside). Risk mitigation is significantly more important in complex deals. For example what is usually missed is bringing up and deal with the risks that exists at an early stage of the process.

Trojan horses - Trojan horses -”informal key persons” (meaning not the sellers champion) in the buyer’s organization who wants the seller to succeed but does not show publicly. They are loyal to their organization and company but would like to close the deal with the seller and therefore is willing to share valuable information, behind closed doors.

Financing of Mega Deals – To help the buyer finance megadeals could be a large and competitive advantage.


The MegaDeals Marketing hybrid model

  • To optimize the mix between sales and marketing as well as using social media such as LinkedIn in an effective way.
  • ”Influence” multiple people in an organization that are usually difficult or impossible to reach via traditional communication media ,email, cold calling etc.
  • Create an interest and request the sellers services.


Our programs are geared to drive skill adoption.

We teach the key skills to sign and manage large complex deals, use real
life stories to bring them to life and participants get to apply these
skills in the workshop on their current customers and business through
practical excersizes. We aspire to drive adoption, the stores help you
better remember and the excerizes are gear to help you apply the skills
straight away and walk out of the training with a blueprint that you can
apply on your customers.

We have also developed 2 additional work shops following the first one. In
the second workshop the participants come back with a live customer case
they have been working on and applying the Megadeals skills (from the first
workshop). Here we drill deeper into the skills and principles to continue
to drive adoption. In the third workshop we teach how to align sales and
maketing through the Megadeals framework to get the best bang for your buck
in sales and marketing.

After the 3 workshops we offer a coaching program where you will have
access to us under a certain time period to support with establishing the
Megadeals discipline into you day to day environment.

Our methodology is based on proven blended learning approach to ensure the
skills are adopted and has a direct impact on your most important and
profitable business.

Advisory Trainers


Bora Brännström & David Klättborg

Senior positions in top 500 fortune (American Express & MoneyGram). Signed and key account managed multiple MegaDeals worth over 2 billion USD, brand names such as Scandic hotels, Choice hotels, H&M, IKEA etc. Turned MoneyGram in the Nordics & Baltics from a declining business to doubling the revenue in 3 years (Key driver of success signing new MegaDeals).

Built and led American Express sales training organization across EMEA, JAPA and LAC responsible for the skill development of all the sales professionals and leaders across the three regions. Honored with numerous awards in sales, leadership and innovation such as "The President Club“(top 2% of sales people in Amex), “The most innovative team and market with highest employee scores”, “Leader of the year”. Built and lead most sales channels whilst managing the optimization between them to deliver the best results.

Law and Business degrees.

Johan Åberg (1) (1)

Johan Åberg

Johan Åberg is the co-author of Megadeals, one of Swedens most popular speakers and trainers on B2B sales and marketing. He is also the founder of Swedens premiere B2B agency Next State.

Christopher big stage

Christopher Engman
CMO, CRO and lead investor in Proof Analytics, the World leader in answering how sales and marketing budgets should be balanced to maximize revenue, cash flow and profit. Winner of the award Prosales Commercial Director of the Year 2018 after leading Climeon (Nasdaq Clime, power plant vendor, green electricity) from 3 MUSD to 90 MUSD in order intake over two years. Investor in 10 companies that do fewer but larger deals. Co-author of the Megadeals book with Johan Åberg. Founder of Vendemore, the first company in the world doing Account Based Marketing with +100 Fortune 500 companies as clients.


17 000 sek/person
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A book about how multi-million to billion dollar deals are done
and what the rest of us can learn from it

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Got any questions?

Should you have any questions to our trainers and Managing Partners please send us an email to:

Bora Brännström     David Klättborg

Who is this for?

  • CEO
  • Owners / Founders
  • Head of Sales and Key Account / Sales Directors.
  • Head of Marketing / Marketing Directors
  • Experienced sales and key account professionals.

What is Megadeals Advisory?

With Johan and Bora

With Bora and David

Megadeals Grand Hotel with Christopher and Johan

Megadeals Grand Hotel with Bora and David

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